To gift a phone or not?

To Gift a phone or not

We’re in the business of protecting children from the dangers that lurk online and supporting parents through the journey.

Unlock the beauty of “I’m bored!”

Unlock the beauty of "Im bored!"

Unlock the beauty of – “I’m bored!” No matter what time of year, parents are faced with this on a daily basis. Don’t be fooled, they know exactly what they want to do – play on a screen.

A Circle Of Trust – 6 Steps To Talking About Hard Issues.

Talking about Online Issues with your child.

If you’ve completed a Codey Adventure, you’ll know all about a circle of trust! A circle of trust can help you start difficult conversations about the dangers your child may find online. Online violence and abuse are at an all-time high and only increasing because no one is talking! Children are especially vulnerable to this […]