Internet courses for children | internet safety tips

How ready is your child for the digital world?

Join Codey Crawler as he helps to guide our children through the digital world they play and learn in.

Codey will give children under 11 years old the confidence and guidance to surf the net, know their rights and handle uncomfortable situations before their tweens.

Internet Safety Course For Children under 11 Years Old

Join Codey Crawler as he helps to build a future of internet-savvy kids

Join Codey Crawler on a journey through the basics of the internet, internet security, safety, protocols, and an understanding of the digital world. We invite all children under 11 years old to take a journey with Codey Crawler to help better prepare them for a future that may lie ahead. This foundation phase internet safety course is designed to give children confidence online and teach them to Think. Before they click!

If your child plays games on a phone or watches YouTube, they will benefit from a Codey adventure. 

R500 Once Off For Access To All 5 Adventures, Acitivities, Parent Guides And Supervised Classes If Needed. 

Register today and receive a 15% discount to take the adventure with Codey!

How to register:

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How The Internet Safety Course Works

  • This online training course for kids consists of five pre-recorded video lessons of approximately 20 minutes each.
  • There are supervised classes that can be joined every afternoon at certain times of the day. 
  • After each video adventure, children must upload an activity to show their understanding of what they have learned.
  • Activity badges are awarded to their profiles and they can progress to the next adventure level once they’ve completed the one before.
  • Parents will receive a detailed guide to help them continue the journey with their kids online.
  • Children will receive a print-at-home global surfer picture frame and personalised certificate of achievement on the completion of adventure 5.

We have a dedicated WhatsApp number that is available for the course period, where parents and children can send Codey voice note questions.

You also have the option to join a supervised adventure, with Miss Nadie at certain times of the day.  

Course Costs

  • Individual children who register will normally pay R500 for the five adventures with Codey.
    This fee includes the WhatsApp support group, access to supervised classes and informative parental guides.
    Payment can be made by EFT or Credit Card via a safe payment gateway to get the adveture started.
  • Special rates are available for larger groups and sponsorship offers.
  • Our goal is to educate larger groups at once to protect as many children as possible and have Codey speak in all 11 languages. 

Attention schools: Help us protect more children at once

Parents should take the opportunity to guide their child while they still can. Together, you will start to build an open relationship where you can communicate and enjoy an online adventure together. Codey Crawler was created to help guide children through the digital world in a safe and supportive way. We want to teach children to – “Think. Before they Click!”  when browsing the web.

This will better equip them for later years when they have complete access to the internet and everything that this entails.

Codey Crawler has been on many online adventures. 

“I’ve seen it all and heard it all. In-between screens and behind the scenes, things are not always what they seem. You may need to change colours – Trust me I’m good at that! ” – Codey Crawler, Internet Explorer.

Supervised adventures are available three times a day when you register, because we understand that time is precious. 

Internet Safety Tips For Curious Kids

Social Kids has collaborated with professionals in their respective fields to ensure our internet courses for children are effective in teaching your kids the right way to access information on the internet and how to respond to situations that may not feel so good to them.

Our internet courses for children have been compiled using the latest research, findings, and opinions on the best way to protect our children in their exposure to the digital world we live in today. The digital world cannot be avoided, but it can be approached in a safe and supportive way.

If your kids are online, be it gaming, chatting to friends, or doing schoolwork, they are easily exposed to the best and the worst that society has to offer. The rules of the real world need to apply to the digital world too.

Our kids need to learn that:

  • It’s okay to question what they see
  • It’s okay to stand up for what they don’t agree with
  • It’s okay to ask for help if they don’t feel safe

A screen does not make you safe. Our children can still be exposed to risks online, but we can counteract that by teaching them to spot these dangers themselves.

Find out more about Codey Crawler and his online training courses for kids.

Internet courses for children | internet safety tips

Join Codey Crawler as he helps to build a future of internet-savvy kids.

Once off Price for all 5 lessons and parent guides for only R425 (Normal Price R500)