Internet Basics For Kids

Meet Codey Crawler And His BFFs

Social Kids’ internet courses for children was founded out of a need to give back to society by equipping children with the skills to think before they click. If we can see children around the world achieving this, our goal has been achieved.

Bryan and Cheryl Barnett brought Codey Crawler to life with an amazing team of professionals. Thanks to many hours of research and years of combined experience between them, this program was born out of a need to protect their own child and others like him.

“We believe we’ve created a space where children can grow, see the positives of the digital world, and become more aware that not everything is as it may seem. Protecting them from the potential dangers that may find them online.” Cheryl Barnett, Chief Digital Enthusiast at Social Consultancy and over 20 years’ experience in digital marketing.

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Meet The Team

Codey is a brave internet explorer, who dedicates his time to teaching the internet basics for kids.
Think. Before you click!” is his motto. If we all just took a second to think about what we said or did online, how we react and what we share, the online world would be a safer place. It should be a place to find new information, connect with like-minded friends, and learn and grow. It can be exactly that with the right skills.

Codey awards our digital adventurers with badges after each activity to help inspire them on their journey. He meets new and interesting people every day, but he has his circle of trust and they too, help children realise what is important and what’s not.

“Try to remember the rules of the world! What you are taught to do in the real world, are the same when you are behind a screen. Everything is remembered, nothing is lost, and you can never delete the things we say or do when we do it on a screen. Don’t be afraid!! I’ve been on this adventure before I’ll show you where to go! Come click with me!” – Codey Crawler

Charlie, The Wise Old Croc

Charlie may be scary at first, but you know that Charlie has your back, no matter what. We all need a Wise Old Croc in our circle of trust. Codey goes to Charlie, when he feels sad, a little scared and is not sure where to go to next.

Elliot, The Long-Lasting Memory Elephant

He remembers everything! Much like the internet, he does not miss a thing and reminds Codey that everything online is there forever.

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