Social Kids is a great resource to future proof your kids against online dangers. Not only does it educate them, it also provides parent guides to help set boundaries in place. I found the course useful because it opened up conversations with my son about online bullies and how he would handle them. Creating a safe family space (which Codey teaches us are people we can trust) is a good grounding for kids for that online world out there.
Heather Step
SA Mom Blog
Social Kids is phenomenal, all 3 of my kids did the program at at first we weren't sure that they had actually got the message but a day later while on a playdate our 6 year old came running to tell me his friend had taken a photo of him with his iPad and "that was not okay because Codey told him no one can take pictures of you without your permission." In an age where our kids are exposed to so much on the web and with friends it was so reassuring to know the message has been received and our child was safe! Do yourself and your children a favour and do this course!!!.
Trish Nelson
Super Mom to 3 boys
Hi Social Kids Team - I think your course is well put together and a great way to teach kids in a fun way.
Denise Loris V.
Family Treasures
Doing the adventure with my girls, got us chatting and sharing stories. Thank you for opening the door to having these talks and how to manage screen life at home,
Tracey Eukermann
Mom to 2 Girls
Just a message from our side to let you know what our thoughts are on the Social Kids program we followed with our Gr. 2 - Gr.4 students at Bramble HIll International School. The adventures we did were really fun.
Adventure 1 - Being smart online was really eye-opening with how careful one should be with what they leave on the web when browsing, playing games or doing research! The facilitator guide was very resourceful and helpful, I could answer all the questions the learners had on this specific topic.
Adventure 2 - Kung Fu fighting was an amazing adventure on teaching the learners how to be vigilant and aware at all times when using a computer. Once again, the facilitator guide was easy to follow and gave great direction in how to go about facilitating the adventure.
Adventure 3 - Truth or dare was also insightful and introduced the learners to how careful they should be and not just trust anyone or anything they find online. Very important lesson and also skill to use when online! The facilitator guide once again was well set up and included all the information needed to answer the questions the learners asked!
Adventure 4 - I speak digital was really fun and the learners could reference back to prior knowledge gained through previous adventures, they had so much fun!
Adventure 5 - Global surfer was amazing! Having the quiz with the learners and hearing that they learned and remembered all the knowledge they gained were awesome!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to use your program to make our learners Internet savvy! I would recommend this program to anyone who asks about a program to help our children stay safe on the web.
Hester la Grange
ICT Foundation Teacher