Adventurous Online Safety Training For Kids (Under 11 years old)

Take A Stroll Through The Adventure Levels That Codey Will Take You On

Codey Crawler and Miss Nadie will take children through 5 levels of internet adventures. Each level is filled with information to help protect them, encouraging them to stop, and think before they click. Digital badges are awarded to children after each level. For every badge they earn, they get closer to a Global Surfer certificate, Once completed, each adventurer will receive a print-at-home certificate of achievement and a Global Surfer picture frame to proudly display that they are ready to –
Think. Before they click! 

The adventures are pre-recorded, we prefer to have an adult present to ensure children are engaged and focused. An adult can also help load the activities back to the site after the level has been completed. Codey is available to answer any questions throughout the journey on WhatsApp. Children can ask the adult in charge if they can send a What’sApp voice note to Codey, and he will get back to them with the answer.

Join our Supervised Jump In and Out online adventures

 We get it! Time is precise and when you do have time with your kids you want to play. When you register you now have the choice of doing the adventure together or with Miss Nadie on a supervised adventure with Codey Crawler.

You can jump in or jump out of a course every day of the week. Miss Nadie will be online with Codey by her side, to ensure they understand the concepts and have fun while doing it. 

Adventure 1: Being SMART Online

Here we teach our adventurer what questions to ask and how to have a positive fingerprint online. We give advice on how to balance their time between digital play and real play. This journey will cover the dos and don’ts of digital safety. Encouraging children to have open conversations with their parents or guardians about what they find online.

Adventure 2: Kung Fu Fighting

We help children to identify a bully, teaching them the skills to navigate and share their experiences to stop the behaviour as quickly as possible. Children will understand how to safeguard their private information and understand what details are safe to share. Children will learn to think before they click when they are approached online.

Adventure 3: Truth Or Dare

Codey will show children that not everything they find online is true, what they should look for before they trust anything online. How to tell a good story when they are connecting in person and how the internet and algorithms work.

Adventure 4: I Speak Digital

Codey will describe what online manners are, what certain messages and symbols on the internet mean and how to interpret them. Codey goes in detail on how to play games safely and when to show your true colours or when not to!

Adventure 5: Global Surfer

Codey ensures the brave adventurers can confidently connect with the world by reinforcing the main topics covered allowing them to surf safely. They understand the dangers that could be out there, and we highlight the positives that our digital world has to offer.

Parental Guides: Take the adventure together.

We supply you an easy to read and implement parental guide. Where we help you nurture the conversations around the surfing the web, discussing boundaries, settings safety precautions and ensuring you are by your child’s side till well into their teens.