Unlock the beauty of "Im bored!"

No matter what time of year, parents are faced with this on a daily basis. Don’t be fooled, they know exactly what they want to do, and it involves technology and playing games online.

These games are designed to be addictive, their friends are playing, and we are working with technology every day, so of course they want to have a go. Keeping children away from technology is not necessarily the answer, technology is not going away. Unless you live a rural and self-sustainable life, technology is part of our daily routines.

What is the first thing a child sees when it is born? It used to be mom, now it’s the back of a phone. To share their gorgeous picture with family and friends. To them, a phone is a normal part of life, one that they too want to be part of.

No, we are not saying give your child a phone, that is a personal preference for your own family. But giving them other options should always be your first go-to.

“I have nothing to play with”, they will say with toys and a home to play in. It can be exhausting trying to plan their day and activities. Going out can be expensive, so you can’t do that every day!

Boredom can unlock a beautiful thing called imagination and creativity! Two forgotten skills that are vital as you grow up. You need to be strong! Here are some pointers to help you nurture their creativity.

  • Show empathy
    They want to be heard. “I’m so sad for you that you are feeling bored. It can be hard, but I know you’ll find something in your room or outside.
  • Remind them
    Don’t forget you have books, toys and pets that need your attention. Or you can always clean something in the house. Giving them options that they are not keen to do can help kick-start a new idea.
  • Focus on their strengths and likes
    Every child enjoys something. Be it colouring in, playing with a ball, or riding a bike. Some activities may need your help, so promise to make the time when you can. Those are memories you will never forget.
  • Reward them after they’ve played with some technology time. Make sure they understand the dangers and the best way to be smart when they play online. Codey Crawler can help! Check out his adventures! 

We understand that it’s easier to give in to technology, we not shaming or blaming, we simply suggesting you push the alternatives to unlock the beauty of being a child with creativity and imagination. Balance – is the key!

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