The Risk Of Doing Nothing For Your Child Before They Go Online

There are risks to everything we face today. And online is no different. Excessive exposure to the digital world can impact their cognitive, social, and emotional development, potentially leading to delays in language, empathy development, and problem-solving skills. The risks of not protecting your child before they go online can have the following affects: It […]

The Uncomfortable Truth – Our Children Need Us

We don’t want to face what is out there, it is scary and to be honest, most of us don’t fully understand the risks and dangers our children could face. The digital world has exploded and while we try to keep up with the upgrades, updates, and innovations. Our children don’t know a world without […]

Social Media Addition Is Very Real

Allowing children under 13 years of age to be on social media, could cause an addiction and have a negative effect on our future leaders’ lives.

Understanding the Dangers of Roblox for Children

Explore the potential hazards lurking within the popular online gaming platform, Roblox, and discover crucial insights to safeguard your children’s digital well-being. Unravel the risks, from inappropriate content to online predators, empowering parents with the knowledge to navigate their child’s virtual world safely.

Why Healthy digital habits matter!

Understand the risks associated with letting our children run wild on the World Wide Web. Creating healthy digital habits at a young age will be the difference.

To gift a phone or not?

To Gift a phone or not

We’re in the business of protecting children from the dangers that lurk online and supporting parents through the journey.