Creating a safe place for kids to grow and be their best!

Thula Baba Basket and Social Kids have joined forces to help mamas of small and big kids create a safe space to grow and be their best. This partnership was formed from a friendship and common passion for protecting our children and giving them the best start to life. 

In our attempt to protect our future leaders, we are supporting Thula Baba Baskets. A fantastic NGO that helps expecting mothers who don’t have the means to begin their journey.  They deliver a box of baby goodies to help new mommies protect and care for their babies, the box is even perfect for babies’ first bed to keep them safe.

Codey and his team want to protect children as they get a little older. With online maturity happening from a young age, we feel it’s as essential as the ABCs and making sure your children are water-safe. There is no shame in looking to technology to entertain or educate our children if they understand the fundamentals of this global playground. Children need to understand there is good and bad online and parents must be diligent in the management of screen time.

When you purchase an adventure with Codey through Thula Baba, we will donate a free adventure to a school in need. Purchase your next adventure and help a mommy give her baby a great start to life and give a child the confidence to say no, talk, report and block!