Exposing Children to Technology

Social Kids is a program that was built by parents, to protect their own son, the intention was not to embarrass or shame families who allow their children access to technology. In fact, it’s the complete opposite! It was designed to help facilitate their journey online. No AI was used in the creation of the internet safety program, just hours of best practice global research and love. The online world is a maze of good and bad, our intention is not to scare children but to empower them with the knowledge of what they may face and how to react.

For the parents:

The parent guides are designed to assist parents in managing access to technology, detailing how to set privacy settings, starting the conversations of trust and protection. The guides offer different approaches to managing boundaries and being by your child’s side as they grow up in the digital world we’re only now starting to understand. A world that keeps on changing, bringing new dangers
and innovations to our lives. Codey is a digital character who is passionate about protecting children and their families, when they are growing up online, we need to teach them the same manners we have in the real world. You can view Codey’s credentials here

Children are exposed to the digital world from a young age, let’s not allow them to learn bad habits from older peers and friends or even worse through trial and error. Technology is not going away, so together we can protect children and arm them with the
skills to steer away from danger and to better balance their lives between a screen and real play.

If your child watches YouTube or plays games on a phone, don’t take the chance.  Register for a once-off fee to access all 5 adventures, parent guides, WhatsApp support line and supervised classes if you need it.

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