Internet Adventure For Children under 11 Years Old And Their Parents

Join Codey Crawler as he helps to build a future of internet-savvy kids

This program was created from 20 years of online experience, global best practice research and a concern to protect our own child and others like him.

It only takes 20 minutes week. Watch the 5 pre-recorded videos in your own time or in a supervised adventure with Miss Nadie over 6 weeks. Complete the activity and download the parent guides after each adventure. Adventurers will receive a global surfer button and certificate of achievement at the end. 

Together, we can prepare them for what may lie ahead in their teens.

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Start the adventure with Codey!

Codey Crawler will take you on a journey through the basics of the internet, privacy, cyberbullying, spotting fake news and stories, gaming safely and having manners online.

The purpose of the adventure is to equip children with the skills to Think. Before they click and for parents to have the confidence to guide them
with the in-depth parental guides. Do the adventure together, or join a supervised adventure three times a day with Miss Nadie, 

Internet courses for children | internet safety tips

How ready is your child for the digital world?

Join Codey Crawler as he helps to guide our children through the digital world they play and learn in.

Codey will give children under 11 years old the confidence and guidance to surf the net, know their rights and handle uncomfortable situations before their tweens.