Jump in and Out Of A Codey Adventure With Supervised Classes

Time is precious and we want to spend our time wisely. But time is often something we don’t have as juggling parents. Doing a Codey Crawler adventure is better when its done together, but you’ll still have access to the parental guides and you’ll rest easy knowing that Miss Nadie is helping your child to understand every adventure with our new Jump in and Jump Out adventures. 

When you register you get access to the videos, activities and parental guides. And to make sure we protect as many children as possible, we’re offering three supervised classes  every afternoon with Miss Nadie. If you can’t make the time, we will help you protect your child. 

Simply book a slot and the adventure you want covered, log on to the link we send and away you go! Miss Nadie and Codey Crawler will be taking your child through the 5 adventure levels, with regular intervals to ensure they all understand and share their feelings. 
You’ll still need to ensure the activity is loaded to gain a badge and read the parent guide. 

Think. Before you click!