There is never enough time, yet time flies!

Juggling work life balance has been a topic of stress for most parents. For some reason, even post COVID, this seems to be almost impossible to achieve. There just never seems to be enough time, and when you look up your child has grown out of their clothes and are onto the next stage of their lives in a blink of an eye. 

Finding time for schoolwork, chores, housework and of course don’t forget yourself!  Can be challenging however making time to introduce your child to the digital world we’ve built is essential. Thankfully, Social Kids has done the research, read the 105-page reports and compared all the professional best sound advice that is out there. All of this has been compiled in an easy-to-read parent guide and summarised by our loveable character Codey Crawler to show your child the right way to play and learn online. 

Carve out the time, why not, while cooking your meals to take the adventure together. This will strengthen your relationship moving forward into their teens and create an environment where talking about your experiences is normal and comfortable. UNICEF has identified communication as a core pillar to protecting your children when they go online. Gimme delicious
has a lovely chicken pesto 20 minute meal options that should help you fit this into a weekly routine. You can even choose to join one of three supervised classes available everyday of the week, where Miss Nadie will ensure there is understanding and focus. Simply choose an adventure, a timeslot and login. 

Together, with Codey Crawler and his friends, discovering the world wide web and starting conversations around trust and communication could save you from a larger headache in the future. Give your child the space to grow and learn how to navigate the digital world from you – Not their peers!